Maria's Cooking Classes

Learn how to Prepare Authentic Chilean Food at our home in Santiago, Chile

- Captivating Tour of La Vega Central

- Delicious, authentic Chilean lunch (vegetarian options available)

- A taste of the market delicacies throughout the tour

- Explanation of Chilean cooking style and culture, and the most iconic ingredients

- Free e-recipebook with some of my favorite family recipes.

Chilean Sauces
Beans from Chile
Chillies from Chile
Caldillo de Congrio

Mighty Sauces

Liven up your food: Experience peruvian vinagreta and the famous pebre.

Ethical Choices

Diversify your diet, and learn how to use legumes

Chili Fanatic?

The different varieties and their uses; take home a selection!

What will I learn?

What's Included?


The La Vega Market  Experience

** $ 20.000 CLP ($33 USD) 

Exotic Fruits

Taste the Chirimoya, cactus pear, níspera, pimiento dulce.

Is it Ripe?

How to choose quality produce ready to eat now